Wednesday, September 2, 2015

drink coffee read good books × borges, cafe st jorge.

y no laptops on the weekends ♥ this spot ×
× cafe st jorge, mission street near cortland, august 2nd 2015.

coffee y fotos, cafe st jorge.
jorge luis borges, y books.

It’s possible that a book won’t attract any attention when it’s published; it may be discovered afterward. On the other hand, in the case of a film (and this makes everything more dramatic; the same thing happens, let’s say, with the dancer’s or performer’s art), the failure or success has to be immediate... I think the circumstance of a hall filled with people in itself creates a special atmosphere.
– seen via brainpicker.

this sunday treat, lucky me. <3
× mágico.


  1. That rooster is brilliant. Chilling out & so colourful :-) Hmmm now how to make a little dude like that to sit on my kitchen cupboards to help me cook xx


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