Sunday, September 6, 2015

fotodiary: four black/whites, y etc.

downtown saturday w/amigas, watched amy.
yesterday i learned about bikelink while la calitexican checked on her bike/hourly time to be OK, at the 5th/mission parking lot.

had great lunch time out w/adrienne, Ășna and ctx.
we also briefly discussed how the bikelink lockers work, if it would be possible to seamlessly work with the clipper card in the future and my first encounter of a station with many scoots. i have seen the scooters around town, but wasn't sure how/where they work.
didn't take pictures of the bike lockers, but if you are curious and out of the loop like me, you can read more here: SFMTA bike lockers.

downtown saturday w/amigas, watched amy.
downtown saturday w/amigas, watched amy.
downtown saturday w/amigas, watched amy.
we met saturday afternoon downtown for a bite and then walked to the embarcadero center to watch amy (amy winehouse). it seemed that all four of us had not been to the embarcadero center for movies in quite sometime -years- and it has some lush upgrade with leather-reclinable lazy boys style seatings for 16$, well and alcohol sales along with your movie. i don't see myself doing that repeatedly, but when in company of good friends and some of my favorite humans is worth the day out downtown.

here are some color pictures:
three palm trees


shoe shine sun shine.
× i really liked this moment. and its light.

transbay tunnel portion of bart closed for the three-day weekend.
× bart was closed and few intersections were closed due to the central muni line ongoing construction.

traffic-less fourth street.
× a traffic-less fourth street. so strange.

piedpiper lollll
× you'll get this door if you've watched hbo silicon valley show. i dunno if it's real or a parody. silly.

× obviously.

lots of stamps.
officially in a relationship w moleskine × — with Melyssa
× sf-themed stamps in the moleskine store, a complete temptation to just get every. thing. in there =]
you can freely stamp away, which is a really cool thing. most stores should have stamps!

a simon norris sf heart, very cool.
× a simon norris sf heart

• ✎ • ✍ • ➪ •

recently i have received several emails and notes from good friends, total strangers and other cyber pals and for that, continuing to share this blog – it is very touching and nice.
i am glad this outlet has connected me with many on so many levels, and that with the growing platforms i sincerely enjoy posting things here. and several of them met via here or flickr, i can call friends, these gals i hung out on saturday, KT and many more. i am very lucky in that regard.

this blog has bikes in the title, however even when heavily bike-focused between its beginning (2008-2010) it has been an extension and outlet for my local/travel happenings captured with words and/or photos, people, and other observations of mine.

i have not ridden a bike in several years since the loss of my brother.
emotional scarring and learning to live peacefully with grief, i do not worry about and if, or when, the day comes to ride a bicycle consistently again. or if it will ever happen.
being mostly a pedestrian and seeing the city from a different perspective rather than the bike lane has been something i had not fully considered when i was younger. i can sincerely say it has been great.

i am very fortunate to be within reach of my familia, spent every chance with my mom. and also good friends that i can lean when the time comes for questions, recent updates to the city's bike infrastructure and often get out and have a good laugh, an outing to cultural events and a good time.

kind of a long post for the long weekend.

the eye, never ceases to see.
for the few of you that still read this blog, thank you × m.


  1. ☼ I have a BikeLink card to use lockers in Oakland, glad there are more in S.F. now. They cover a different set of agencies than the Clipper Card does, though. There's a bikeshare system called Social Bicycles (SoBi) that works by using NFC cards from other systems such as a Clipper Card. The Clipper Card is only used to provide a unique identification, your card balance isn't known, or touched.

    I'm no expert (and I have no inside information, not even from my employers), but the trend seems to be towards having touchless credit cards and putting everything on those. Apps that do the same are also a possibility. I have some privacy concerns about all that, though.

  2. It takes so long to get over the loss of a loved one. Get back on your bike if and when you're ready: I get the feeling your brother would want that.

    Meantime, I love the images you share. I haven't been to SF in years. I always recall it as a colorful city. Your photos show that it's still vibrant, if perhaps in a different way.

  3. It's on my favourites menu, Meli, and I always look forward to new posts. You are an amazing photographer and a great ambassador for your city. I've said it before but they should have given you the key!Please do keep the images and observations coming.


  4. its been lovely seeing the city through your eyes through the years. thanks for sharing...all of it.


with coffee in hand, sincere thanks for your readership ×