Wednesday, September 23, 2015


san cranecisco.
linea caffe is located on 18th street between mission st and san carlos, in the mission district.

the common search online will tell you they are known for their waffles, but i prefer to go into a place, order some coffee not to-go, absorb and observe. not everything is dictated by a google search, you know.

macchiato, ma che carino ×
the time was saturday afternoon, and there were no lines and no hassle.
illy flat espresso spoons were a nice little touch. less is more kinda design channel frequency.

exploring a new coffee place (for me, though linea opened in 2013?) in the belly hurricane of scaffolding and changes is not my favorite weekend activity but once in awhile is needed to sit there and watch life moving at speedlight as you blink.
espresso was delicious.

i took this picture almost exactly 7 years ago, september 27th, 2008.
one way
the picture above of the red cup, i'm standing inside of this window.
hope to take a before and after picture from its same angle on my next visit.

ps. their website is cute, i think (pretty sure) the illustrator behind this is the awesome wendy macnaughton.

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