Monday, April 13, 2009

Do not try this at home.

My beloved is somewhere in there.
We ended up 'cutting' the tour a tad short, which IIIIIIIII wasn't too happy about. 4 vs. me, I typically would have not given in, but whatever... I guess food sounded good -insert not so convincing tone here-
As we were figuring out where to wonder off to for food, my favorite local stuff-maker-myth-destroyer master was right there(!) I'm a HUGE fan and have been shy enough in past encounters around the city to ask for a photo, but since we are on a why not? kick, here we are. Super awesome!! and no, the bikes did not explode.

It was a pleasure to meet you!!!


  1. Aw man, so jealous! Nice photo!

  2. I'm sure he was just as siked as you were.

  3. Awww crap!

    You said you were leaving, but the I missed when you all left...!

    There was, actually, only 1 more stop... and I could've met Adam, instead... grrr!

  4. You should have asked him if it was true that bicycling makes you more attractive! That would make a good show- Jamie getting drunk and hitting on bikey girls :O

  5. Waaaaa!!! Awesome!! I was just watching an episode yesterday! Your boldness inspires me to grow some nerve--I was star struck encountering you again, and my seized brain would only allow "hi Meli!" to escape.

  6. thom/ thanks!

    christopherPaul/ that'd be rad, haaa!

    marc/ oh but not to worry, Im sure you eventually run into him around the city ;)

    adrienne/ Oh I know right?! I was ready to do follow-up to the blind driving, with a tandem instead of a car. Where's a tandem when you need one!!

    duby/ That is very nice of you, thanks so much-but please say hi next time!! -Cheers

  7. celeb sightings? who knew.
    that is awesome.
    to bad he didn't invite you along
    to destroy stuff.
    i love those guys,
    of course they ruined powdered
    creamer for me......
    eh, i still use it,
    now i just think of fire


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