Wednesday, December 11, 2013

fotodiary número 3: for diciembre.

half moon bay sunset
Half Moon Bay sunset.

hayes valley
Weeknight, some kind of urban space talk. Hayes Valley.

San José Sharks
San José, after the Sharks game.

Portal, Oakland.

velcro du noir
Home is where Velcro is.

IL newspaper snail mail awesomeness
Newspaper snail mail awesomeness from the land of the fighting Illini.

half moon bay pier
Half Moon Bay pier

half moon bay bike rack by the docks
Half Moon Bay bike rack by the docks.

Inside the beautiful Brava theatre.

24th street at night, from behnd the Brava's doors.

YBCA upstairs, after watching a 1940 German film about morphine.

SF MOMA, currently closed for renovation and surrounded by other buildings, hotels.

As December continues its yearly route through the peak of emotions winding down to conclude yet another year, this is a minute photographic ode to it.

I observe and listen to December quite closely.
It frequently gets omitted from all those best of year and notes of such listing nature.

I like December's quiet and serene path even if many prefer to chose its chaotic and consumerist drag alter ego.
I will patiently await for the first sunrise of the upcoming page, after this chapter concludes.

Sincerely –Meli.

✕ | Images Lumix LX5. and last two images with [phone] HTC Evo. All unedited. Randomly from Sept-Dec 2013. 
✕ | Words by Meli – after eating 3/4 of a small pizza and the last bottle from a six pack of the first tasted Anchor Holiday Ale of this year, purchased 2 weeks ago, 4 blocks away.


  1. They are all lovely. I really like the Portal pic tho :-) Youve got me all inspired to drag my camera round - there was a lovely photo I missed this morning of the mini windfarm swathed in thick fog with the sun looking all post-apocoliptic behind them.

  2. Terrific shots. Great sense of mystery in the darker ones.

  3. Hey Meli, great photos as always! Thanx for all the love amiga <3

  4. Great pictures Meli. Your awesome!


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