Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mucha música martes (Tuesday)

Monday +1day of los lazy= Tuesday.
Hope you all had a good few days of food, family and/or friends. I, slowly am getting back into the grind.

Martes de música y arte. 
Short y sweet dose.
Here we go:

✚ | Mission Local features: Diana Gameros
I love her. I got to see her 2 Sundays ago.
BELLEZA musical.
She is originally from Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua, MX) and now based in San Francisco♥

✚ | The Shoes: Wasting Time
The shoes like the bikes and the young men in their videos. The youth The cool :)

✚ | The Shoes: People Movin

✚ | Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones: Foreverly
Norah y Billy Joe cover the Everly's and Foreverly was dropped last week. How'bout that?!
Below, the lyric version.
For the last few Decembers I have enjoyed getting into total folk-mode, will be headed to the music store in west portal, amoeba or aquarius soon to buy the CD – this will be a great road trip addition.
Liking this very much so, what do you think?
You can listen to their interview here: [NPR] ‘Foreverly’ Yours: Billie Joe Armstrong And Norah Jones Get Close

✚ | We Are The Brave: Sparrow
We Are the Brave were formed in Sydney, Australia. Easy synth pop to listen to after the 2pm coffee dose.

✚ | Natalie Duncan - Devil In Me (Live from Universal Studios)
Found this via Patrina's tumblr, so good :)

✚ | My Brightest Diamond "Be Brave"
Then I found this via Patrina's hubby Dave, los fantastic!

✚ | OutKast: Ms. Jackson
Last but not least, Outkast is reuniting. Are they for real?!

✚ | Perera Elsewhere: Everlast
Found this via one of mi fave music blogs 8106 – can easily space out duuring work. BTW the mobile app for soundcloud is pretty no-fuzz, clean, easy to use. me likes.

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  1. Like the Perera Elsewhere - i always like the squeaky guitar strings, even though I imagine that that is probably bad technique.


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