Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hemlock, 2009.

I really enjoy finding old sketches.
This small notepad is not as old, but I found it this past weekend quietly hiding underneath a very broken transat saddle I somehow refuse to get rid of. I am very minimal and don't usually keep or hoard stuff at all, but this saddle has been an exception.

Finding a notebook with my notes and sketches is always a good time to pause and peek back into moments and observations.

found a mini pad from summer 2009. this is dated july 24th, a friday.

This had to be a random guy across the bar. Omar and I, along with a few other friends used to go to the Hemlock for happy hour quite frequently as it was a pivotal bike route point for many of us and our jobs during that year. We usually sat by the pool table (now communal long table) or at the bar where we could kinda see the bike rack. When it was earlier and slow, you'd see a bike or two inside.

Some of mi favorite moments at the Hemlock since turning 21 have been hanging out with the guys after I got laid off before the recession, Spectrum playing in that back stage, my mom getting free drinks because, well she is my mom –Not that card– because I can leave that woman alone and she would've chatted up with the bartender anyway, she engages people within seconds, has great narrative, has probably read a book about it, and was born in chaotic city urban settings. If you've met her, you know there is no need for explanation, but I like expressing admiration.
And also one of Ratta's birthdays.
And you can still get a baggie of hot peanuts for a dollar.

That little red notebook was given to me by my dear friend Daniel, he is from the East coast and moved back to Nueva York shortly after college. He visits from time to time. We miss him. I miss him. and speaking of birthdays, it was Qeli's birthday this month and feel grateful she is just a Bart ride away. As well as my girlfriends from school within a bus ride.
see, hear, speak no daniel
[Qeli, yo y Daniel] This was from 2009 as well, Muffin took this foto from across the table. We had dinner at Toyose on Noriega and 45th.
I love you friends.

Slowly more present, and proud of myself for somewhat getting back to the notebooks, writing a bit, y sketchpads almost on a daily basis.
To life, to my friends starting families (♥and babies!) old friends, and new. So lucky to have in my life, even the ones that have parted ways –– and to Qeli's birthday, we will be celebrating this Friday.

Words propelled by a halt upon a mustache recorded on a random, singular page.


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